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we're just getting started here at Curio Bullion, we strive to bring you unique new pieces inspired by history, art, culture, movies and so much more. Thank you for supporting us on this journey! Its our hope, here amongst our treasured possessions you find a little piece of joy for yourself.

Hand Made.

Hand Poured.

Hand worked.


Ryan considers himself a full time hobbyist, he found himself drawn to all the creative classes available throughout his education, art, graphic design, ceramics, wood shop, welding, etc. Ten years creating graphics and cad's for the apparel industry working under a few amazing and eccentric designers helped to developed a unique aesthetic. The next decade was spent working hands-on building movie props, sets, prototypes and retail environments. All the fun tools became available like laser cutters, 3D printers, and various CNC machines. Recently bit by the silver bug and having acquired an addiction to the glorious metal he currently finds great pleasure utilizing all his skills making unique hand made collectables.

Ryan Prochnau


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